Joseph adit

The adit connected the surface with the level of the 1st floor of the mine. It served mainly as a drainage adit through which mine waters flowed to the surface. Its total length from the mouth to the ditch to the New shaft is 315 m. The mouth of the adit is at an altitude of 613.48 m, the height difference between the impact of the first floor of the New shaft and the mouth of the tunnel is 17 m. The profile of the adit is 1.8 x 2 .2 m.

According to the safety plan, a concrete dam was built in the adit and the outflow of mine water is ensured by concrete pipes with a diameter of 400 mm and a length of 40 – 45 m. The pipes are encased in concrete. The mouth of the tunnel is filled with tailings. The protection was carried out in 1971. The mouth of the adit is filled in and overgrown, a concrete pipe protrudes from the ground, through which mine water flows. The heap is weathered, the rock is mostly disintegrated, and the heap is gradually overgrown with overgrown trees. The mine water first flows through the heap, where it has excavated its own bed, then continues through a shallow valley to Huntava.