Although the question of how to get to the Underground is answered on the Underground FAQ page, here is a short guide on where to park and how to get there.

On, at Google Maps, you can find the place where the tour starts as the Mining Museum Upper Town, or the Úpadnice na Staré patro, that’s the case with the list maps.


1) If you are arriving by car, the easiest way is to park in the municipal parking lot (capacity 14 parking spaces), located in the very center of the village between the firehouse and the local church. Links to parking lot and Google Maps: parking lot.

2) In the case of the list navigation, the pedestrian navigation works from the parking lot and will lead you directly to the portal of the gallery.

3) It is only a 218 m walk from the car park and follow the yellow arrows with mining hammers along the way.

4) If you see the road sign “end of the village” (there is also an arrow on it), turn right and soon you will see a large pictorial sign and after about 30 m two mining exhibits, a mining loader NL-12V and a mining cart with the inscription “RD Jeseník, Horní Město plant 1965-1970”. You are now less than 20 m before the finish line, where the guides will be waiting for you.

Note: If anyone tells you that the adit where the guided tour is located is elsewhere, please ignore this advice. You will come to another tunnel, the so-called Eva sinkhole, and on the way back you will have an unpleasant uphill walk of about 700 m with an elevation gain of 67 m.

Before travelling to Horní Město, please note that the weather here may be quite different from where you are starting from.