New shaft

New shaft was excavated in 1962 to a final depth of 147 m (pit pool).

Coordinates of the center of the shaft: Y = 546,678.32 X = 1,086,542.25 Z = 674.29

Below level III. floor, a sump was excavated, which was connected to the floor by two chimneys – a pumping station.

The shaft had a clear diameter of 3.5 m, the reinforcement was concrete, the equipment was iron. It had double-acting mining equipment for single-story mining cages per 0.64 m3 car and was a draw shaft. The mining tower was made of steel, 21 m high. Ramming was carried out using tilting bridges. Lateral cage guides, wooden guides. The shaft allowed mining of 80 kt/year.

The equipment of the shaft was iron with two mining shafts, a climbing compartment, a cable grid and a grid for fixing water and air pipes. On the 1st floor, the shaft above the flooded part is covered with a steel sheet roof. The mine waters flow out through the Joseph adit (1st floor level) to the surface. Altitudes of horizons – college, Adriatic system:

Surface + 674.29 m above sea level

1st floor + 613.48 m above sea level – level of the Josef gallery

2nd floor + 585.55 m above sea level

3rd floor + 535.03 m above sea level

Shaft + 527 m above sea level

The shaft was excavated in a complex of Devonian rocks of the Horní Město ore district, i.e. in keratophyres with inserts of sericitic slates and keratophyre tuffs.

According to the safeguarding plan, approved by the OBÚ Brno dated 10/07/1970 No. 2295/70, the New shaft up to the level of the Josef tunnel was put into wet conservation. The mouth of the shaft was closed with two locked hatches, the shaft building is closed and made inaccessible. The mining tower was later dismantled. The provision was made in 1971.

After 1990, re-securing began, the shaft was backfilled in the entire profile. The mining tower was dismantled in 1994 and a hollow loft was subsequently built.