The basic tour route

Visitors will pass through the decline to the so-called Old Floor, from there they will descend by ladders to the Petra’s Horizon, where they can see the most beautiful parts of the upper city underground. They will see medieval chambers, traces for fire planting and peek into the lowest point of the Upper Town underground. They will then return along the same route.

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Grand Tour A

Visitors will follow the basic sightseeing route, however, they will not return by the same route, but will use a part of the St. Anthony of Padua adit and the Karel shaft – a vertical mining work, where it is necessary to climb ladders with a total length of 45 m on the way to the surface.

Grand Tour B

Visitors will follow the basic tour route, but the St. Anthony of Padua tunnel, nearly 600 m long, will be used to exit the underground. This medieval mine is very varied in size, being only 120 cm high and 60 cm wide at its narrowest point.

Estimated tour time is about 60-90 minutes. The number of visitors in one group is min. 5 and max. 12 persons.

At this time, only the basic tour route can be booked. Other tours are influenced by the water level in the St. Anthony of Padua Heritage Adit.