Sightseeing route

The sight-seeing route in Horní Město offers about 450 m of accessible passages, three quarrying chambers and especially a unique experience in the form of climbing ladders.

Behind the entrance portal, newly built in 2020, visitors will get their first glimpse into the amazing world of the Upper Town underground. This is not a historic entrance, but a newly built one to provide access to the old parts of the deposit in the shortest possible way. Visitors will descend to the upper parts of the Old Floor via a so-called incline with a slope of 25° and a length of 65 metres. Here, the first ladders and a secured chamber await them. After descending the ladders, they will pass through a short corridor to the place where the statue of St. Barbara, the patron saint of miners, awaits them. You can light a candle by her, but also prepare yourself for the best of what makes the underground so unique.

This is the descent to the bottom floor of the mine, the so-called Peter’s Horizon, through an impressive mined-out chamber. The chamber has an incline of 60-70° and is climbed on ladders with a total length of 28 metres. One of the most interesting parts of Peter’s Horizon awaits us immediately after descending the ladders. This place is a short, ovoid-shaped passageway in which we find traces of fire-planting – that’s why it’s all black.

Then the visitor passes into a small chamber in which he finds an old historic wheelbarrow. Then he goes further and again a ladder awaits him, at this point the last one. Using it, he descends to the lower parts of Peter’s horizon, where the largest chamber with ladders to the upper parts can be seen, but which the visitor will not see, as it is a place difficult to access in large numbers. However, one will come across other points of interest. He will find a part of the passage that was cut by geological exploration in the 1950s, or he will find himself on the so-called cross. This is a place where passages stretch in all directions, one of which is a chimney with a 70-80° inclination that can be used to reach 15 metres down to the level of the 660-metre-long St Anthony of Padua Hereditary Gully.

3D view of underground spaces

Entrance fees and opening hours

Unlike other underground tour operators, we will only be open on selected days of the month. Usually on Fri-Sat every 2-3 weeks. In other cases, on Mon – Thurs, if a large group signs up or a corporate event takes place, there is a 50% increase in admission fee. This is because the guides have to take a holiday in these cases in order for the tour to take place.

Tours start at 9:00, 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00. Tour start times may be adjusted to accommodate visitor interest and guide availability.

THE TOUR MUST BE BOOKED IN THE RESERVATION SYSTEM! Without a reservation, the tour may already be at capacity or may have started just before you arrive.


    • 230 CZK
    • 150 CZK
    • 50 CZK
    • 500 CZK
    • 120 CZK
    • 300 CZK

Payment is only possible in cash. Credit cards are not accepted.

Please note that arranging tours is done on a volunteer basis. Tours are provided by trained volunteers as the Underground does not have permanent staff. Because of this, it is possible that tour times may be changed or rescheduled when occupancy is low, as the guides are not local but must commute several dozen miles (70 km or more).

Underground tours are physically demanding not only for the visitors but also for the guides, so it is in the best interest to maximize the capacity of the tour times.


Here you will find the most common questions of our visitors and their answers.

It is our aim to make your journey with us as easy as possible. Therefore, we believe that answering these questions can make a big difference to your next destination.

The underground in Horní Město is not very deep, the tours take place at a depth of about 45-48 metres below the surface. And since the entire underground, especially the St. Anthony of Padua adit, goes under the entire village, the power of the overburden decreases towards the Eva sinkhole.

Unfortunately, no. The sightseeing route is not adapted for people with disabilities, even with an escort. Although we fully understand and support the involvement of these citizens in everyday activities, a visit to the Horní Město Underground is not one of them. This is mainly due to climbing ladders, of which there are countless underground ladders ranging in length from 3 to 28 metres.

Yes. Recommended settings for low light/night shooting, flash activated, no video recording allowed on tours. There is a fee for taking photos.

The temperature is constant, 6-8 degrees Celsius underground all year round.

Warm clothes and sturdy shoes are recommended. Please note that you will get dirty underground, spare clothing is recommended.

Heeled shoes, as well as any open-toed shoes, are inappropriate. Closed toe shoes are required.

Guides have the right to refuse a visitor if they are wearing inappropriate clothing/shoes.

Remember that Upper Town is in the foothills of the Jeseníky Mountains and the weather may be quite different from where you are coming from.

You don’t have to worry at all that it’s far away. It only takes a few minutes to reach us, and just like the hiking trails, the way to us is marked with yellow directional arrows with hammers. To make the journey easier, we provide links to maps from several starting points (walking navigation).

Way from the parking lot to the adit: 198 m, 4 minutes, link

Way from the parking lot at the playground – the adit: 450 m, 8 minutes, link

Way parking near the House of Culture – the adit: 475 m, 12 minutes, link

Way the bus parking – the adit: 645 m, 12 minutes, link

Way incline Eva – the adit: 643 m, 18 minutes, link

Way Pension Chata Na Mlýně – the adit: 901 m, 14 minutes, link

Way Skály crossroads – the adit: 890 m, 20 minutes, link

The easiest way to get to Horní Město is by car. Other ways mean either a bus journey or a combination of bus + train. Navigation here is best done using or Google Maps.