Welcome to the world underground

The mining past of Horní Město and its surroundings is very rich and known to those who like the world underground, as silver, zinc, lead and iron ores were mined here.

Historically, this is the third largest ore district in Moravia, right after Zlaté Hory and Horní Benešov. This is a mining area where mining has been carried out since the Middle Ages. A great boom in mining occurs at the end of the 15th and the beginning of the 16th century, when…

What can visitors expect?

Horní Město can offer its visitors a lot. Starting with the historical underground, through the opportunity to see historical and contemporary exhibits, until… (continued)

  • historical mine
  • incline Eva
  • shaft Karel
  • incline on the Old Floor
  • remains of modern pits
  • mining exposition
  • two mining trails
  • historical period exhibits
  • mining tower model

Messages from visitors

A wonderful experience, we have returned for the 2nd year and we look forward to seeing you again next year if you continue. Thank you very much.


Grandma forced us – we were afraid, but it was an experience.


Amazing, beautifully muddy and raw.


tour routes and museum

Basic tour route

As part of the basic route, visitors will pass through the incline to the so-called Old Floor, from there…

Grand Tour A

Visitors will follow a basic tour route, however…


Before or after visiting the underground, visitors can visit the museum which…