Visiting rules

1. The minimum number of visitors in a tour is set at 5, the maximum number at 12 persons. In exceptional cases, the number of visitors can be increased to 15 by prior agreement. For this number it is necessary to provide 2 guides.
2. The visitor route is partly vertical, approximately 28 m on ladders, therefore visitors and legal guardians of visitors should assess their physical condition and fitness.
3. The visitor route is only accessible to persons over 12 years of age and persons without physical disabilities or handicaps.
4. Entry to the underground is permitted to persons without major health problems, but is not recommended for persons suffering from claustrophobia (fear of enclosed or confined spaces) and acrophobia (fear of heights or depths).
5. Children under the age of 15 are the responsibility of their legal guardian or the teacher present.
6. Visitors under the age of 15 without an adult accompanying them will not be allowed to enter the underground.
7. The operator will lend visitors a mining lamp and a protective helmet or protective clothing.
8. Entry to the Upper Town Underground is only permitted with a protective helmet, with a lit mine lamp, wearing sturdy footwear and wearing clothing appropriate to the mine environment – the operator is not responsible for damage or soiling of clothing or footwear. In the mining environment, the air temperature is around 7 °C and the humidity is 99% even in summer.
9. Visitors to the large circuit must keep both hands free when passing through the climbing compartment. When passing through the climbing compartment it is not recommended to carry a large backpack, hanging cable, etc.
10. The operator requires visitors to be present at the service building at least 15 minutes before the start of the tour. After purchasing a ticket, the visitor will receive protective equipment
and receives a briefing and familiarisation with the visitor regulations.
11. The tour starts at the entrance portal of the Úpadnice on the Old Floor.
12. The tour of the underground mine lasts about 60 – 90 min depending on the number of visitors in one group.
13. At the end of the tour, the guide checks the number of people and the returned protective equipment.

Duties of visitors

1. Entrance to the Upper Town Underground is only possible when accompanied by a guide or other authorised person.
2. For safety and nature protection reasons, visitors are not allowed to enter the underground premises outside the operating hours of the tour period of the respective calendar year.
3. All visitors are obliged to observe the following operational and safety measures for the duration of the tour:

  • no smoking, open fires, littering or other littering on the tour route
  • prohibition to leave the tour and to deviate from the tour route to inaccessible parts of the underground
  • no touching or handling of exhibits
  • no drunk persons or persons under the influence of other psychotropic substances are allowed to enter the underground
  • it is forbidden to take animals with you to the underground
  • it is forbidden to break off stalactites or sinter layers, it is forbidden to paint on the walls, it is forbidden to take away minerals and rock samples
  • it is forbidden to carry bulky luggage, backpacks, sports equipment, hiking sticks, umbrellas, etc. into the underground areas
  • eating and drinking, entering the underground with ice cream, drinks, etc.
  • otherwise disturb the peace and order
  • it is strictly forbidden to enter enclosed areas, climb or scale elevated floors or raised areas.
  • follow the instructions of the guide
  • take extra care (ladders, etc.)
  • take extra care when moving underground due to the limited local profile height of the underground passages
  • always wear a helmet
  • do not enter areas behind fences or dams
  • in the event of any unforeseen event, stay put, remain calm and follow the instructions of the guide,
  • if a personal light is switched off, the visitor is obliged to stop in place and follow the instructions of the guide
  • immediately report any injury, sickness or abandonment to the guide.
  • respectfully not to disturb the guide’s explanation by loud talking and other noise in the underground
  • check each other’s mental and physical condition of other visitors
  • Ladders may be climbed individually. Only one person may be on the ladder. In the case of children climbing up, it is possible or necessary to use a safety device when climbing up.
  • a maximum of 4 persons may be on each part of the whole climbing section
  • it is strictly forbidden to climb outside the ladder area
  • after climbing on the Old Floor, other persons must be allowed to climb.