Jaromír shaft

The Jaromír shaft was excavated as part of a geological survey in 1956. After reconstruction in 1961, it was excavated to a depth of 170 m.

Coordinates of the centre of the pit : Y – 546 267,9 X – 1 086 001,8 Z – 696,50

Initially, the shaft was used for extraction and manning, later (since 1966) for ventilation. It was a ventilation shaft. The cross-section was rectangular 4.01 x 1.97 m. The original equipment was wooden, after the reconstruction in 1961 it was equipped with iron equipment and deepened to a final depth of 170.5 m. Mining was double-acting, single-weight cages for one mine cart with a volume of 0.64 m3.

Horizon elevations:

Surface + 696.5 m above sea level.
1st floor +630.11 m.a.s.l.

According to the securing plan, the Jaromír shaft was backfilled with tailings from the tailings dumps in the same year and the shaft was fitted with a concrete plug. The surface equipment was disposed of.

Link: http://www.zdarbuh.cz/reviry/rd-jesenik/jama-jaromir-v-hornim-meste/