K2 ventilation shaft

The shaft was driven as a wind chimney from the 1st floor, the first 15 m was driven at an angle of approx. 40°, then it was driven as a vertical one in a length of approx. 51 m.

The cross-section was rectangular with dimensions of 3.0 x 1.5 m, the equipment was wooden. It was later connected to the 2nd floor. The chimney was equipped with a fan and was used to ventilate the mine (it was partially exhausting). According to the security plan, approved by the Brno Regional Office on July 10, 1970, No. 2295/70, the chimney was filled with tailings from the dumps. Surface equipment has been disposed of. The area of the ventilation chimney is fenced with wire mesh, at the mouth, clay-stone soil is piled up to a height of about 1 m.