Adit of the St. Anthony of Padua

The adit, shrunk in 1955, runs in a curvilinear general direction to the north-west under the church in Horní Město and further into the area of the old mines around the first floor of the Jaromír pit. The initial 47 m of metre length was hollowed out during the drawdown, with further sections of hollowing extending up to 115 m from the mouth. The total length of the adit, which was struck by the old men with a hammer and hammer, is given as 600 m, the total metreage including the slots at the end of the adit is 740 m. The profiles of the mine workings are not given.

There is no evidence of the mine workings being dismantled; it was probably dismantled by looting the reinforcement and possibly by blasting the mouth. The mouth of the adit is most likely indicated by an almost imperceptible terrain depression, the heap is essentially alluviated and it can be concluded that the consequences of past mining activity are practically obliterated.