Polar TV report about the silver mine in Horní Město

Where to go?

This is not only the weekend question of many of us, but also the title of the TV show. As we know, about 2 weeks ago the crew of TV Polar visited us to film a report about the local underground. And since the mining friends closely follow what is rustling, happening or broadcasting, yesterday around ten in the evening we received an echo that there was something on TV about Horní Město. And it was true.

That something was a report from the TV Polar workshop.

More at: https://polar.cz /porady/kam-razit/kam-razit-27-11-2023-18-48?fbclid=IwAR0Vo1MHbNiQbc2bWsQFlNO22cbpR5WVsWYMFdycOBO-ySB93YDdOd2v144 or to view on Facebook Obec Horní Město and Hornoměstské podzemí.

Video source: Polar TV